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Alchemetica Anatomical Skull

Anatomical Skull

A high quality original life size human skull cast. It is ideal for both anatomy classes and for special effects use in stage and film. It is handmade from hard, durable plastic- PVC. Accurate representation of the fissures, foramina, processes, sutures, individually placed teeth etc. It can be disassembled into skull cap (held in place by rare earth magnets), base of skull and mandible. The mandible is mounted on springs to easily demonstrate natural movement. The springs are easily removed.

anatomical skull with skull cap off

Skull with cap removed

The skull will accept most forms of makeup for ageing or weathering. CreamBlend can be used, set and removed with makeup remover lotion then washed and dried. Use the inside of the skull cap as a test area.

using stage makeup to alter an anatomical skull

Skull with makeup applied

Synthetic and wax modelling putty can be attached and makeup applied to represent decomposition or mummification. Discreet anchor point holes assist in securing appliances/prosthetics. Use synthetic hair available at violet moon works to embed strands into the scalp “skin” to further enhance realism for special effects.

Also a handy prop for Hamlet: “Alas, poor Yorick!...”

anatomical skull with mandible springs removed

Skull with mandible spring removed

Average weight 0.8 kg; Average chin to skull 270 mm.

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  Thursday 15 November, 2018       
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