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Back Up 2 CD

Back up 2

Back Up 2 is a double CD set of specifically composed and arranged music appropriate for use in both creative dance and routine based classes. This acclaimed music resource features over 30 tracks with a variety of music styles, such as, thematic, rock, funk, fusion, hip-hop, rap, contemporary and more.

Produced by Radical Wombat Collective

Studio: Alchemetica

Composer: Peter Mounsey

Restriction on the use of the music. For use in public performance, such as class or concert then it should be noted on your APRA license. You will require a separate APRA license to stream the music from a website, used in film or video or played in a major venue such as a performing arts centre. We include a notice regarding public performance in which you will find most schools have a blanket coverage in relationship to use in school. Nonetheless you must keep a record of tracks used - Name of track used for on what date(s) and by the composer in you APRA log for their audits. Mechanical use that is recording performances on video or duplication the material require AMCOS approval. Search APRA AMCOS to find their web site. We request that you please email the internationally registered labe Alchemetica - with the same data.

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