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Liquid Makeup 133 ml

Liquid Stage Makeup from violet moon works

A thick, rich water based liquid stage makeup, which is widely acknowledged by stage makeup professionals as the best product of its kind on the market. Ease of application, excellent coverage and soap and water removal make our alcohol free liquid makeup the perfect choice for quick even face application. Also very useful for body make-up for choruses, crowd scenes and large scale productions where speed of application is a requirement.

The same long lasting formula used by professional makeup artists use around the world for full body coverage in TV/Film and Theatre. Colours can be blended to create custom colours when required and may be used in the hair for a fantasy look. Available in bright eye catching colours. Made in the USA of only FDA approved ingredients.

While many methods of applications are useable to apply the makeup, when doing a face, dab the stage makeup on with a latex free sponge in thin to medium layers, allow to dry (drys quickly) then pat on a second layer. Light colours like white can be further enhanced by using a white setting powder.

Many theatre makeup artists find they gain extra durability by using our Advanced Barrier Spray.


How many applications can I get? The answer to this is not the same for everyone since many variables must be taken into consideration. As a guide 1 Liquid Make-up 133 ml covers a medium build man.


For white liquid makeup see - /strong> Liquid Makeup 250 ml White


The Glow colours

Glow Blue is white in the bottle. When applied it is near transparent in normal light and glowing blue under a black light.

Glow Lime is yellow in the bottle. When applied it is transparent tint of yellow in normal light and glowing lime under a black light.

Glow Orange is magenta pink in the bottle. When applied it is transparent tint of magenta pink in normal light and glowing orange under a black light.

Glow Yellow is orange in the bottle. When applied it is transparent tint of orange in normal light and glowing blue under a black light.


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