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[ISBN 1 876402 08 3]

Fifty percent of Australian school children do not exercise regularly. Encouraging students to participate in physical activity promotes good health and well being. Exercise To Music or aerobics is a fun and easy form of exercise for anyone and moving to music can be a great motivator. However not everyone is trained or educated in this type of exercise.

ETM demonstrates how to construct a fun, stimulating and challenging exercise program. The package provides the guidelines, techniques and ideas to create an interesting and motivating class that safely takes students through a continuous choreographed routine to music. The video demonstrates and explains how to begin with the basic steps and then arrange, manipulate and extend these steps into interesting, fun and exciting exercise to music routines.

We explain and demonstrate 16 basic steps, low and high impact moves, warming up, the aerobic routine, the advanced aerobic routine, muscle conditioning and cool down.

The video comes with a concise reference guide that covers safety issues, warm up, the aerobic phase, muscle conditioning, cool down, planning a routine, variations in a routine, music, heart rate and a glossary of terms.

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