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  • The publishing group of Violet Moon Works Pty Ltd trustee for Enigma Foundation will be releasing some titles in electronic form for download. Alchemetica one of our international record labels will also be making music available by download.  Downloads will use a form of Digital Rights Management but will not require installation of software or a particular device.

    Once implemented it will make the books considerably less in cost; but the cost will vary depending in which country you live because some countries have no legislation to do with the collection of royalties namely USA and Canada the price for those countries will have a lifetime once off royalty fee added to the total.

    As with all downloads they must be paid for before downloading. As part of the DRM the School or individual buying the download will be used as part of the management method. If a book is found on a pirate site the DRM will tell us who purchased the original and the individual or entity will be subject to criminal and civil law regarding illegal distribution.

    We have already seen many small publishers close or amalgamate with US firms because of royalty legislation. This means the Canadian curriculum is largely USA based. Without too much waving of our flags we think it is important to have books and resources produced in Australia which preserves our outlook on the world.


  • Please note: As of 30.11.2014 the fax will be replaced by emails see Contact and Company Information for details.

  • To get the latest deals sign up for a free account as many of our stage makeup, studio makeup, and latest performing arts releases require coupon codes or special links for the discount.

  • Check our Facebook site for links to non advertised specials on stage makeup and performing arts resources

  • Quick link to Geisha makeup, including Maiko and Kabuki makeup.


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